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Nokia E51

Secret codes:
  • *#06# - IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity).
  • *#0000# - Firmware version.
  • *#92702689# - Life timer (W A R 0 A N T Y), The time your phone has spent in sending and receiving calls.
  • *#62209526# - Wireless MAC Address.
  • *#2820# - Bluetooth MAC address.
  • *#7370# - Format phone.
  • *#7780# - Factory Reset. Note:Retains firmware version and operator Variant changes but it wipes all applications installed. It does not format the memory card. Any applications therefore required may reinstall.
  • Both need security code. The Security code, which, by default, is 12345.
Hard reset:
Turn the Power off of the phone Press and hold Green, * and 3 and keep them held whilst powering on and for a few seconds after. Factory Reset resets all settings to defaults but keeps any applications you have installed and photos etc.